Baton Rouge Dentist Provides Compassionate Care

Dental phobia is real. Many people are terrified of going to the dentist and as a result neglect their oral hygiene. This Baton Rouge Dentist has the persona and compassion to alleviate your fears and concerns. The office environment is bright and welcoming. The staff is helpful, friendly and eager to answer questions. Soft relaxing music is played in the background. The television is on to distract patients during treatment.

In addition to Dr. Grand’s gentle manner, modern technological advances have eased dental discomfort. Sedation dentistry provides a means for anxious patients to relax so that they can complete their dental care. Sedation allows patients to be proactive in their dental health and discover dental problems early without fear. Nitrous oxide, a sedation gas, is used to relax a patient during a dental procedure. This safe gas is often referred to as laughing gas. When inhaled the patient feels relaxed. Although the patient is aware of what is going on, the effects of the gas eliminate apprehension and fear thus creating a positive and painless dental experience.
When it is time for the deadening to be injected, a topical antiseptic is administered with a q-tip to numb the area so you will not feel pain from the injection. This is really helpful. For most of us, the worst part of the procedure is the shot. Dr. Grand follows all best practices endorsed by the American Dental Association.

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